On Morning Workouts…

Work has been getting pretty busy (as my posts have slowed down) and I am realizing how essential it is to stay active.  When I make time in the morning to run or do yoga, it makes all the difference in the day.  Without doing something active, I get terribly antsy and anxious.  
Working out doesn’t have to be a chore; it should be something that you truly enjoy.  For me, it’s my ‘me time’—time where I can completely lose all thoughts, feel my heart race and enjoy the outdoors.  There is something about that post-workout high, that mood-booster, and the gratifying exhaustion that I revel in.   My thoughts and worries fade away, giving me a peace of mind, a state that comes so rarely.   
I feel that I own my life, it’s all mine and each day will be what I make of it.
I recently found a great route along the beautiful California coast.
Cheers to a great work out and a great day!

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