Cucumber Hummus Bites

One of my all time favorite foods (spread? side? topping?) whatever… I believe hummus deserves the title of a food.  It is good on anything and everything.

Hummus originates from the Middle East and is a combination of pureed chickpeas, olive oil, tahini and lemon.  There are many varieties of hummus– tomato basil, garlic, pesto, roasted pepper, and the list can continue forever.  Although hummus may have more fat than some dips, the fats are mostly from healthy, unsaturated fats and the chickpeas provide a good base of fiber.  Also, hummus is virtually absent in sugar and sodium.

I will admit I am a hummus snob, and I won’t buy my hummus anywhere except for Trader Joe’s.  The Classic Hummus is extremely ‘beany’ and nothing compares to it!  I love using hummus on my sandwiches as a healthy substitute for mayonnaise.  My favorite is the White Bean and Basil Hummus from Trader Joe’s.  It gives my sandwiches and wraps a great pesto kick!

My favorite hummus, tzatziki wrap 

I love dipping celery sticks, carrots, snap peas, crackers, pita… pretty much anything in hummus.  I made these quick appetizer bites for a small party.  They are super easy to make and very healthy!

I sliced 2 cucumbers, topped them with hummus, and sprinkled goat cheese on top.  I failed to get a picture before we ate them, but you get the idea!


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