A Taste of Spain and Prague

I am home from a fantastic trip to Spain and Prague. I am still riding the high of gracious amounts of tapas, sangria and wine!  Each day consisted of, “What are we doing for lunch?”  And then right after lunch, “Okay…. What should we do until dinner?”  Needless to say, we did not skimp on the food aspect.
The trip was amazing!  I got to hang out with two of my friends sisters, see the sights, hang out with locals, and drink and eat some of the most delicious food.
One of my favorite parts about Spain was the tapas.  We ate almost every meal family-style, which enabled us to try anything and everything.  And I’ll tell you, we got pretty adventurous with some of our meals!  I want to try to recreate some of the dishes, so keep posted for those recipes.
Here is our vacation in (food) pictures! 🙂
We loved this restaurant, Divinus, that had the most monstrous montaditos!  My favorite was this one on the left, smoked salmon with shrimp, for only 2E!
Delicious display of montaditos… this one is the tortilla espanol (tortilla made with potatoes)
Skewered pork and shrimp at Cerveceria Catalana

Grilled Cuttlefish.  I was scared to eat this at first, but it ended up being one of my favorites of the whole trip!
Of course, Bev’s staple of french fries with eggs and jamon!
Roasted pepper with cod puree
Only HALF of our meal at Los Coloniales in Sevilla.  The Salmorejo soup was one of my favorites.  I am definitely going to try to make this!  It is a cold, creamy tomato soup, which was very refreshing on the hot Sevilla days!
Chocolate con churros!  And sangria and beer… of course
Potatas Bravas, a Catalonian staple

More potatas bravas…

Too much?  Too little?  You can be the judge!
Boquerones fritos… fried anchovies!  You can eat the WHOLE thing, including the spine.  It was interesting, but if you didn’t think about it, you couldn’t tell! Haha
Ensalada de Pimientos
Espetos… these are sardines that have been roasted on spits and barbecued, which we ate at Chiringuito Maria, in Malaga, right on the beach!
Another Barcelona favorite… eggs served over french fries, mashed all together right in front of you!

Now onto the food in Prague.  The typical Czech food is quite heavy and very protein based.  I am not a huge meat eater, but I found it pretty good, especially the braised pork knee and of course the roast duck.  Surprisingly, there were restaurants of all types… Thai, Indian, Italian, Vegetarian and even Vegan places!

Beef Goulash soup

Braised Pork Knee… definitely one of the most delicious things of the trip!
Pork Knuckle
We ate at a vegetarian place recommended by one of my friends, Lehka Hlava.  This food was one of the BEST I have ever had.  I was in pure bliss while eating.  This was the Eggplant Tartare, which I have added to my recipe list.

This brown seeded bread, was simply amazing.  I didn’t even bother with that white one.  This was dense and nutty and seedy and just phenomenal.

Couscous patties were cooked perfectly.  So much flavor and not dry at all!  I want to try to make these too.
I later found that bread at a small market 🙂  Now I can look up how to make it!
Cheers to a fabulous and delicious vacation!

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