Black Bean and Garlic Stir fry

The most common dish that I make for myself is stir-fry, and I realized I have yet to write about it. This dish is very routine for me, and I think that’s why I don’t think about taking pictures or blogging when I make it.  It is fun because everytime I make it, it turns out differently.  It turns into a hodgepodge of whatever vegetables I have, some tofu or other protein, and whatever sauce I want to throw on.

Because of my move, I had to re-buy my sauces, and wanted to spread the word about Black Bean and Garlic Sauce.  My mom used to cook with it and I always liked it.  It is such a gem.  Need to give veggies some flavor?  Toss some black bean and garlic sauce.  Need a marinade sauce?  Throw some black bean and garlic on it.  It works well with shrimp, chicken, pork, tofu… really, anything!  It was a staple for my college meals, and now, for quick dinners when I get home late from work.

Black Bean and Garlic Sauce from Lee Kum Kee
I also used the better known, Sriracha, for some spice
For this simple stir-fry, I chopped up some green onions, mushrooms and broccoli and tossed with some Japanese noodles.  I added about 2 tsp of the Black Bean and Garlic Sauce, and added the Sriracha to taste.  Incredibly easy, healthy and delicious!


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