Happy Thanksgiving!! Sweet Potato time…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I hope you eat plenty of turkey, cornbread, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and whatever other traditional food you eat on this day.  I couldn’t be more excited, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It is all about Family, Food, and Football.  What more could you ask for?  It’s the perfect excuse for doing nothing all day but eating delicious food, with people you love, and watching America’s greatest sport (in my opinion, of course).  So enjoy it!
Thanksgiving 2011

Yesterday, I had an unexpected, crazy good workout; I ran to the gym, did a little bit more cardio and headed over to do some circuit training.  I was a little sluggish but suddenly, I had this adrenaline to work out really hard and kick my own butt.  Why?  Good-looking men.  Yep, that’ll do it.  You may say I’m crazy, but I know y’all have been in the same situation.  At one point, you MUST have been on a treadmill or something and suddenly a good-looking guy or girl hops on the one next to you.  Oh yeah, you crank that speed up to 8mph as if you’ve been running like that the whole time.  Yep, I know.  Well, I guess we can be thankful for the good-looking men (or women) who will inspire you to work out harder, when you can’t inspire yourself.  It is what it is…

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