Superfood Spotlight: Chia Seeds (and Overnight Chia Oats)

Ch, ch, ch, chia (seeds)!  These little guys have become quite popular in the health and nutrition realm.  After receiving a few questions from friends about them, I decided to do a little research and try them out.

Just a little background: Chia seeds are part of the Salvia hispanica, a flowering plant of the mint family.  This plant is cultivated in Mexico and Guatemala.  Chia seeds have been a staple food source for Native Americans for centuries. Aztec warriors (yes, warriors!) would eat chia during hunting trips, and on trips to trade products in which they ran from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean.  

In summary:  Eat chia = run for hundreds of miles= become a warrior.  Need I say more?

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8 thoughts on “Superfood Spotlight: Chia Seeds (and Overnight Chia Oats)

  1. nom nom nom nom nom nom nomCan't wait to try the overnight oats & so glad to know I can store it for 2 weeks. Last time I tried the gel I wasn't sure how long it was good since it's texture is so different from anything else I eat.YOURE SO SMART KWIS!

  2. I made this last night for breakfast this morning… in love! I can't wait to try the Chia pudding too! Looks like you just leave out the yogurt, oatmeal and flax seeds and add some vanilla extract?

  3. I'm so glad you tried it out! And yes for the pudding, it's is just some milk, agave nectar or honey, and you can add peanut butter or pumpkin to it 🙂 Thanks for checking it out Kelly!

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