My first Easter Ham

Happy Belated Easter!  I hosted my first Easter brunch on Sunday and had the best time (and ate like an extreme carnivore).  Although hosting can be stressful, I love having people over for potlucks and dinners.  What better combination than delicious food and great company?

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Side Notes: Austin Food Blogger Alliance

I have some exciting news!  As of last week, I am a new member of the Austin Food Blogger's Alliance and I couldn't be more excited!  They accepted my application and I am already amazed with the opportunities it has presented.  Coming up, there is a Google+ workshop and a welcome dinner I can't wait to learn more and also meet some of the members.

Through AFBA (Austin Food Blogger's Alliance) and Twitter, I have linked up with many Austin bloggers.  I have discovered amazing recipes and local eateries my 'To Eat' and 'To Cook" lists are growing too fast!  But I love it; there is something about reading from bloggers that live in your town.  When I read from Austin bloggers, I can connect with them by the places they mention.  I can visualize myself at the restaurant they went to, that food truck that I pass on the way the work, or the park that I also play sports at.  
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Yoga Inspired

Black Swan Yoga, Austin, TX

 I have recently started getting into yoga and I am falling in love with it.  I used think yoga was easy- all about breathing and stretching, and not a workout at all.  I was used to running, lifting weights and more cardio types of workouts.  How could yoga get my heat rate that high?  I couldn't have been more wrong, and I am so happy I gave it a chance.

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My favorite breakfast

Quick post for my quick and favorite breakfast!

Egg white and spinach omelet with the Seedsation Bread from Central Market.  Any Austinites reading… you MUST try this bread.  It is phenomenal; made with whole wheat and many types of seeds.  It sells for $3.99 for the whole loaf, or you can ask them to slice a half loaf for $2.00.  It's perfect so it doesn't mold and go to waste.

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Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Happy New Year!!!  I am a little sad to see 2012 goI can firmly say that 2012 was quite the year.  I passed all my CPA exams, picked up yoga, went to Spain, had an incredible summer in Southern California, finally visited two of my best friends in Chicago, moved to Austin, went to Hawaii with my family, finally bought a bike, played intramural sports, and sealed it off with a cozy holiday at home and a fun New Year's Eve.  This year I got to spend time with people I care about and also met a lot of great people.  I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

New Year's Eve

I haven't decided what my New Year's resolutions are going to be.  I've been brainstorming, but I need to make them concrete.  I will get back with those.  For y'all with healthy resolutions… sorry, this doesn't help, but I've got a delicious bread pudding recipe 🙂

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Seafood Cioppino

When I was back in LA, I got to cook with my roommate (who I miss so incredibly much) and we made shrimp!  Surprise surprise, she loves shrimp so usually when we cook together, that’s something we can agree on 🙂  It’s funny how someone can be your best friend, practically sister, and you have complete opposite taste budsAnd I mean completely opposite.  Nonetheless, I love her and I miss her weird, cheese-loving, celery crunching, soggy-cereal-loving self.

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L’épicerie Market

Last weekend I went back to LA and had such a fun time visiting with my best friends and re-visiting my favorite places.  I can’t believe I have never written about this place, but it’s one of my favorite restaurants. 
L’épicerie Market is located near the downtown area of Culver City and is a gem.  If you have any sort of European love or French culture appreciation, you will fall in love.  If you don’t have any attachment to European culture, you should still go for the fresh pressed, 'pour over' coffee.  If you don’t like coffee, go for the wine selection and quaint wine cave in the back.  And if you don’t like wine, go for the great happy hour deals.  If you don’t like happy hour (then you are crazy), but go for the awesome desserts.  If you don’t like dessert, then I know you need food to sustain, so go for the delicious, fresh, mouth-watering meals.

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