Texas VegFest with Vegeria Vegan

Texas VegFest is only two days away and I can't wait!  I am volunteering in the morning, and I can't wait to see the festivities and hear the speakers.  After volunteering, I can't wait to eat myself silly.  Did I mention I can't wait?

If you haven't heard about Texas VegFest, check out my post here, visit the website, or check out the Facebook page.  It is the second annual Vegan Festival featuring local food vendors, speakers, cooking demos, beer and live music.  With FREE admission.

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Walnut Sweet Potato Salad

Happy February!  Did you know that February is National Sweet Potato Month? (and also Fiber Focus month… just sayin')

I could go on about these guys, I loooove sweet potatoes.  Whether roasted, mashed, baked… I'll take 'em!  They are a great source of carbohydrates and they are deliciouseven better than regular taters in my opinion.  One of my other posts on sweet potatoes discusses the health benefits, but here is a little refresher: 

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Texas VegFest 2013

Texas VegFest is coming on April 6th, 2013!

This festival will be alongside (the beautiful) Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX, and a fun event in celebration of all the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Vegetarianism does not only improve health, but also preserves the environment and protects animals.  For those non-vegetarians/vegans, I know you are thinking, "Well, I eat meat.  I love meat."  Guess what, I eat meat too.  And I will be there!  
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